Sophia Kintsurashvili

SOPHIA KINTZURASHVILI artist, book designer, illustrator, author

Tbilisi, Georgia
Is nominated to the  Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award 2015Grounds for nomination: While still a student, Sophia Kintsurashvili distinguished herself by her originality and innovative thinking, which was at odds with the Soviet aesthetics and often resulted in severe criticism. Several generations have been raised with her artwork for children’s books and magazines, as well as school textbooks. Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Sophia Kintsurashvili has been actively involved in shaping the modern Georgian publishing industry and promoting the kind of children’s literature that would be free from Soviet ideological constraints.
Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Art, Department of Graphic Art
Professional Experience:
2011-present   Professor at the Tbilisi State Academy of Art
2000-present   Co-founder of Varvaridze Design Group
1997-present   Co-founder of the Graphic Design Association
1974-present   Member of the Georgian Artists Union
Main Activities:
Book design and illustration; over the years had illustrated more than 70 books for children and adults, textbooks and magazines for children.
 1099-2016  Was working at Project as an author: Georgian Written Language and Script. History, Modern Age (published in 2016),
2011         Organized series of art workshops for refugee children across Georgia,
2010         Organized workshop about Swedish children book illustrator and author Anna Hoglund and Kajsa Gordan  for students of  Academy of Art,
2009-10  Participated in a Swedish-Georgian workshop for children’s book authors and illustrators. As a result the book “The Box” (Bakur Sulakauri Publishing).
Important Exhibitions:
 2016      Exhibition for Blind People “We see with our fingers”, Georgian National Museum, Tbilisi;
2015-17  Frankfurt Book Fair       
2013       Group exhibition, Art Center of the Academy of Fine Art,  Tbilisi; 
1998      International Triennial COLOR IN GRAPHIC ART 98, State Art gallery, Torun, Poland;
1998      Group exhibition, Spike Island, Bristol, UK;
1998      International Triennial COLOR IN GRAPHIC ART 97, State Art Gallery, Torun, Poland;
1997      Two-Person Exhibition, International Images Gallery, PA, USA;
1996      Joint Exhibition, Modern Art Center TESSANDRA, Gallery TMS, Tbilisi;
1996      Exhibition of the 4 Georgian Artists, Somerset, UK;
1996      ICON AND PERCEPTION, International Modern Art Center, Tbilisi;
1996      MEGAUNIVERSE Exhibition-Action, TMS Gallery, Tbilisi;
1995      Georgian Art, Arts Center, Baku, Azerbaijan;
1994      Exhibition of Georgian Art, Copenhagen, Denmark;
1993      Art of Georgia, Franche Comte, Tourinnes la Grosse, Belgium; 
1992      1st International Mini print Exhibition, Juniper Gallery, Napa Art Center, CA, USA;
1991      Georgian Graphic, Kunsthalle Berlin, Germany;
1991      International Biennial of Print, Sapporo, Japan;
1991      International Print Exhibition Miniature 6, Fredrikstad, Norway;
1990      The 16th International Independent Exhibition of Print, Kanagava prefecture Gallery, Japan;
1990      The 3rd International Art of Today Exhibition, Budapest, Hungary;
1990      Georgian Modern Graphic, Budapest, Hungary;
1990      Georgian Avant-Gard, St. Petersburg; Russia;
1990      The 5th International Exhibition Petit format de Papier, Belgium;
1990      The 15th International Independent Exhibition of Prints, Kanagava, Japan;
1990      12th International Biennial of Prints Art exhibition center, Krakow, Poland;
1980-78   International Biennial of Graphic Design, the Moravian Gallery, Brno, Czechoslovakia
2013, 2009      grant for Project of the book Georgian Written Language and Script. History, Modern Age. Ministry of Culture of Georgia,
2009     award for the best design 2009 for Paata Kurdovanidze’s book Georgian-Abkhazian Album (Published by the Ministry of Culture of Georgia)
Tbilisi State Museum of Modern Art;
Zimmerli Art Museum, New Jersey, USA;
Pushkin Museum, Moscow, Russia;
Napa Art Center’s Museum, CA, USA;
Musee du Petit Format, CUT-DES-SARTS (Couvin), Belgium;
Museum of Contemporary Graphic Art, Kanagava, Japan;
Museum of Contemporary Graphic Art, Fredrikstad, Norway.